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Know some facts about perfect bachelor party

When it comes to weddings the bride can tell you all of the details of the wedding including the exact shade of white her dress will be and the first song the band will play for the couple dance. The groom will probably know when and where he is supposed to show up and little else since weddings are about the bride’s desires more than the grooms. However that same groom probably can tell you all of the details about his bachelor party including what strip clubs he and his best buddies hit that night, who was there and how much they drank. Women may hate them, but bachelor parties are a rite of passage for the soon to be married man to enjoy one last look at all that he will be giving up the next day. Strip clubs offer men a harmless way to let off steam by allowing the female strippers tobond with each other and make them completely and totally politically incorrect for one night without any repercussions later on. If you are planning a bachelor party you are probably planning a traditional party complete with strip clubs.

Take care of the groom

The second rule of planning the perfect bachelor party is to make sure the groom doesn’t miss his wedding. He can have all the fun he wants the night before but if he fails to walk down that aisle your head will probably roll with his down the same aisle. Never mess with a bride. When you’re planning the party out, you need to understand that size does indeed matter. Sometimes bigger isn’t better, its just more people to try and manage as you move from strip clubs with your party on wheels. If you want to do it right stick to a party of ten or less and rent a limo for the occasion.

A limo ride will make you and your party stands out and it will ensure you have a designated driver for your good time. Plus most limos can hold ten average size people comfortably so it’s a good number to plan for. Finally don’t forget to bring cash. These clubs can offer a multitude of entertainment possibilities but they all require money and you don’t want to be hitting every ATM and breaking your bank in the process. Another tip to keep in mind is having a place to go after the strip clubs.