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How To Enhance A Women’s Sexual Experience

Glass dildos can be used to foreplay, masturbation, or extend a lovemaking session. These luxury love toys are versatile and can provide a lot of enjoyment. Sometimes it’s just as easy to use a standard in-and-out technique. If you are looking for amazing sex with Touch of Glass, enhance your stimulating style.The spiral wraps, ribs bumps, nubs twists and curves used for styling¬†cheap dildos can be visually appealing. The level of sensitivity to style nuances can vary from one person to another and during a play session. Mix and match different techniques when foreplaying. As the pleasure intensity increases, you can get into a rhythm and trigger an explosive orgasm.

Here are some ways you can add a creative and sensual flair to your love play with glass love toys.

Glide ‘n slide involves sliding a well-lubricated cheap dildos so that the head follows the natural curves and contours of the vagina. Adjust the angle of your entry to ensure that you are touching every part of the body. Notice how the pressure points at the vaginal entrance and labia shift, so that the pleasure spreads all around. To keep your pleasure high, take out the glass dildo and trace the slippery head around the mouth and the opening to the vagina.

These contours and curves can be created to massage the G-spot or feel amazing when you move in and out. The inner portion of your clitoris wraps around your vagina, so these sensual curves are great for massage and angle-in. Curved dildos encourage a glide-‘n-glide style of penetration that massages both the labia and clitoris.

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How Do I Bring a Dildo Into Our Sex Life?

When inserted with long, deep thrusts, wonderful waves made from joined spheres and rings on a straight shaft can create ripples of rapture. You can start slowly and increase the intensity until you feel like orgasm.Twist and Twirl your glass dildo, partially or fully inserted. The textured shapes will rotate and stimulate around the body. The G-spot will be tickled by offset shapes. To alter the sensation, you can use a slight twisting motion and thrusting. To create a different sensation, try a corkscrew motion. Keep going with the corkscrewing motion as you pull the cheap dildos out. Then, reverse the direction and go back in.

Tantalizing Temperature Twists

Glass dildos retain temperature very well. You can ignite passion with a heated poker, or create a chill with a cool wisp. For added stimulation, glass love toys can be heated in hot water or chilled in ice water (20-30 minutes). Temperature changes can intensify stimulation. These temperature techniques can enhance the excitement.