Massage Techniques to Give Yourself a Spa-like Facial Experience

Massage Techniques to Give Yourself a Spa-like Facial Experience

One of the most enjoyable massage techniques which even brings a visible results to your skin is meant for your face. Facial massage is often among the top procedures offered by wellness centers and a research study has recently been conducted which showed that facial exercises can make you look up to 3 years younger.

Massage Techniques for Rejuvenated, Younger Looking Skin

The purpose of giving your face a massage is threefold:

  1. to lessen sinus pressure, puffiness and fluid retention,
  2. to promote lymphatic drainage which clears away toxins, and
  3. to enable your skincare to penetrate deeper and work more effectively

Before choosing one of the techniques, make sure you start by washing your hands with antibacterial soap and your face with a gentle wash suitable for your skin type. Decide which method is the right one for you – deep stimulating motions which will help increase skin firmness, or light touch with minimal pressure if your skin is prone to sensitivities and acne. Then continue with one of the following processes:

erotic massage

  • Spread a dime size portion offace oil or serumevenly over your fingers and palms. Move your fingers from the inside of your eyebrows up your forehead, then from the center of your face to the sides past your cheeks. Repeat the same motion across your jawline and finish with your neck, applying vertical movement from the collarbones up.
  • First, spread the massaging oil of your choice all over your face. You start with the area above your upper lip, stretching your skin down till your lips make a “sad face”. Then massage your cheeks starting at your nose and moving towards the ears. In order to work your eye area, stretch the corner of both your eyes in the upward direction. At the end, close your eyes firmly using your thumbs and relax for a minute.
  • Start with placing your hands on either side of your face. The direction of the strokes will be up towards the forehead and back towards your cheeks while applying constant mild pressure. After three repeats, place your fingertips to the center of your forehead and glide out to the sides. Repeat three times and move to the bony edge of eye sockets. Here you want to apply minimal amount of oil or serum and very gentle pressure. Last but not least, you will massage your cheekbones, starting very close to the tip of your nose and moving all the way toward your ears.

Now you can join the number of celebrities like Meghan Markle and Gisele Bundchen who love to treat themselves to facials and keep your face in shape without costly and painful surgical procedures.

Are you going to incorporate facial massage to your daily routine? Or are you a fan of good old botox? Do you have experiences from both sides of the anti-aging game? Leave us a comment!

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