Have your list of best pick up lines

There are times when you can’t really use the flirty sort of pickup lines or dirty pickup lines. This makes it quite important to know the soft going pickup lines which can really be pulled at the right time. To be honest it is not bad to use some dirty pickup lines which many people believe is quite not comfortable to be pulled in the first meet. These sort of pickup lines can really bring desire and interest. A woman especially your woman might laugh or smile if a person delivers this sort of pickup line.

Why choose cheesy pick up lines over other?

These sort of pick up line express humour which is quite necessary to be in a relation. There are women who love men with a sense of humour so if you are picking one you might get an edge with your efforts. A cheesy pick up lines certainly allows you to stay original every time during your conversation. These sort of pick up lines can really boost your confidence in a conversation. Some of the exemplary versions are written here:

  • I don’t really believe in making wishes but are you name religious? Because you answered every prayer of mine.
  • For people, Disneyland is Earth’s happiest place. Well for me every place is happy with you.
  • Do you really have a parking ticket? Because I am always feeling fine besides you.
  • Can you tell me if you are a magician? Because I look at you everything else just disappears.
  • Are you a camera? Like a handy camera because every time I look at you, I just smile
  • Do you mind passing me a Band-Aid? Because I just broke my knee falling for you.

cheesy pick up lines

  • I should tell you this, I am not a photographer but trust me I can really picture me and you together.
  • Let’s suppose you are a vegetable and you are a cute-cumber
  • Can I tie your shoes for you? Because I won’t want you to fall for anyone else.
  • Are you a real omelette? Because you are making me egg-cited
  • Is there any airport here or I just feel my heart is taking off?
  • Did you sit in a pile of sugar ever? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • You are an angel would you want to lend me a hand?

Using any of the above mentioned cheesy pick up lines you might just get a pass from your first date or in your relationship. This is quite important to use the one best pick up line at the right time and the rest remains magical as you go through the stages of flirting and liking.

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